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How To Find A Real Estate Investing Mentor?

Finding a real estate investing mentor is an important part of a new investor's journey. Therefore understanding where to find and how to approach an investor for mentorship is a common concern for new investors.

If you are an experienced real estate investor, you have definitely encountered many new investors wanting you to be their mentor. And if you are new to real estate investing, you are probably one of the individuals seeking to find a mentor. Regardless of which situation you are in, there is a right and wrong way to approach a potential mentor.

Always Add Value, First!

Where you choose to look for your mentor and how you go about finding that individual is critical, but the most important thing that you should remember is to always add value first before you plan on receiving it. If you are looking for your mentor, you may have heard many investors tell you to find a way to add value for someone, and then they would want to help you in return.

But the real question is, how do you add value and do it in a way so that you are actually helpful to another person?

The short answer to that question is to be helpful. Understand your strength and know how you can value your potential mentor life or business before asking for mentorship. You can help out by bringing the investor leads or doing cold calling for them. Before you plan to ask for mentorship, know exactly what you can do to help the other person.

So, where can you find a mentor?

Join a Local Real Estate Meet-up

Local real estate meetings have been around for many decades. Joining local meet-ups can help you find a group of like-minded real estate investors in your market willing to help and educate each other.

By taking the time to join a local real estate meet-up, you'll be able to expand your network and hopefully identify investors who would make for great mentors. You should be looking for an investor who embodies the skills and talents you strive to achieve. For example, try to find a mentor in a place where you want to be in the next 5 or 10 years.

Utilize Facebook Groups

Engaging with investors in real estate investing Facebook groups can be another great opportunity to find a mentor. The great thing about Facebook groups is that there highly specialized, and if you want to invest in a specific real estate investment strategy, you will be able to find a Facebook group specializing in that strategy.

Facebook groups are also beneficial because it doesn't limit you to having a mentor within your local market. If you were looking to branch out into long distant investing and want to have a mentor in another area, a Facebook group can benefit you.

Immerse Yourself in Real Estate

Lastly, you should immerse yourself in real estate content. By listening to podcasts, reading real estate books, and going into real estate forums, you may come across a resource that can lead you to your next mentor.

This is how I got my real estate mentor!

I was able to find a mentor by listening to a podcast and then connecting with him through Facebook. He was looking for a blogger to write about investing in real estate, and I reached because I am an experienced writer. By adding value and offering up my ability to write, I was able to get guidance along my real estate investing journey.

This is a perfect example of how you add value to your mentor and how immersing yourself in real estate-related content can be an outlet that leads you to your next mentor.

In summary

If you are trying to find a mentor to help you start your investment real estate investing journey, make sure you focus on how you can add value to their life. You can achieve this multiple ways, but it's very important whatever you do; adding value is the focus.

So starting today, find in your local real estate meet-up in your area, join a Facebook group investing in real estate using your investment strategy, and start immersing yourself in real estate-related content to build your network and your real estate knowledge.

Using this guidance, you will be able to find a mentor in no time.

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